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Well It`s Been Awhile ...

December 21st, 2012 at 06:07 pm

i can`t believe it has been a few years since i have posted here! my last post was about getting engaged and buying a house!

well, three years later we have been married for over 2.5 years and have a beautiful 1 year-old girl (as of the 17th). i graduated from college with my BA in accounting the day before she was born. we are also expecting number two in july!

financially i feel like we are doing really well given our age (24 & 25) and both being self employed. we have 65K collectively spread among our sinking funds and EF - enough to live on for 1.5 years if we were both completely out of work and didn`t change spending habits. we have one car loan and a student loan (each about 10K). we also have about 10K in our roth IRAs. our goals in 2013 are to fully fund both of our roths and pay off all non-mortgage debt. we are also considering purchasing a rental property or flipping one.

DH owns a general contracting company and i am self employed as a bookkeeper (specializing in payroll). i am also employed with a window washing company as their bookkeeper and on weekends i work at a coffee shop. i am blessed to work from home the majority of the time.

there`s my check-in! now i`m curious how many of you are still blogging from a few years back?

5 Responses to “Well It`s Been Awhile ...”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I am new since you were last here, but I am looking forward to your entries nonetheless. Your work is so interesting to me. I have thought to myself that if I should ever be out of a job, I would try the self-employed bookkeeper route myself.

    Congrats on your babies. Smile

  2. Homebody Says:

    I think you are doing great! I am sporadic in posting too, but only because I was ignoring my finances. Looks like you had better reasons for being away!

  3. Jerry Says:

    That is huge, to be able to work and still spend time at home with your child. My wife has had a similar situation for most of the time since our first baby was born, and it leads to some challenges, but it offers some insurance of time with the kids that is vital. Congratulations on your successes and graduation!

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