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Cumulative 2010 Goals

January 7th, 2010 at 11:15 am

a few personal goals, financial goals, and to-dos for the new year.

*track work expenditures for tax purposes
*set up DF's roth
*put aside $1,000 to start a medical deductible fund
*set aside $2,362 for our honeymoon/misc.
*pay off DF's car (about 11K)
*pay off macy's 0% interest card that has our couch on it - about $1,600
*contribute $6,800 to roths
*put $7,500 into our efund for a balance of 20K
*put aside $1,000 for our wedding
*plan a weekly menu
*replace DF's windshield
*get new tires and a new clutch for DF
*start and maintain a quickbooks file

*place bella in a good home
*at least one date night per month with DF
*spend time with my mom, dad, and in laws at least one time per month each
*set a date and get married
*go on a honeymoon
*look into premarital counseling
*hang out w/my sister two times per month
*take wesson to the vet for a physical
*enroll wesson in dog obedience

*fence in the backyard
*start a small garden
*donate our massive donate pile
*possibly tile the master bath

*do something active w/DF one time per month
*take wesson on walks two times per week when he is old enough
*visit dentist every six months
*workout 4-5X per week with a combination of independent workouts and classes
*eat at least four salads per week
*get visibly toned

2009 Year in Review

January 7th, 2010 at 09:43 am

for 2009 my goals were as follows ...

- open a joint checking account with DF
- add DF as a joint holder to my savings account
- save an additional 6-7K to bring the ING account to 10K
- pay off my car
- up Roth IRA contrib. from $150 to $200/mo.

DF and i opened a joint account and funded it with some money we got back from closing on our house. i added DF as a joint holder to ING but he still needs to call ING to authorize it. all said and done we have a little over 10K in our savings. i did NOT increase my Roth contribution for 2009 because we bought a house. i will continue to contribute $150/mo. through the first half of 2010. in july 2010 i will start to contribute $416/mo.


we moved into our house right before the holidays and since then it has been so hectic catching up at work and getting our home in order. we also got a puppy a week ago. the current dog we have is food aggressive so you can't touch, pet, or even get near her when there is food around or she may attack. the new puppy has brought to light these issues and we are currently looking at placing her with a one dog family with older kids, or a young adult that has experience with dogs. i am worried that she may continue this aggression when we have kids and i don't want to ever have the possibility of putting her to sleep. our new pup is a german shepherd. they are much easier to train, do well off leash, and are great family dogs. my heart is breaking because of this decision we have had to make.

DF and i have pretty much decided to push our wedding off until winter 2010. june is far too close and we have NOTHING set up. so i feel like i have to settle on every little detail. a winter wedding will cost less and will allow us time to find a venue we love. i will be posting cumulative 2010 goals soon ...