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The Fourth

July 4th, 2008 at 11:19 am

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! So I'm hoping today will be a big NSD. Basketball Boy and I are going to meet up with his little brother and friends and hang out on the lake for the day. They have gorgeous fireworks out in Snohomish!

Last night was a big spender. Basketball Boy and I went on a double date with the x and his new lady. We both had sushi for the first time! Very good. Unfortunately BB doesn't have much moolah left so I ended up paying for the sushi and the movie we went to see. Total of $38.50. I don't understand how he has so little left over from every paycheck. He makes about 10K more than me per year and we both have about the same amount of expenses. Actually I am paying for my education as well. He doesn't want to go back to school.

An another note ... I'm acing my accounting class this summer! My law class ... not so much because I missed a few discussions (both are online classes). It's been a very stressful summer so far. Anyways back to homework! I love sitting out by the pool and reading my textbooks. Ahhh ...

June Net Worth

July 2nd, 2008 at 01:23 pm

This isn't going to be very pretty ... do I get to use my age as an excuse for not having a positive net worth? Hehe.

Anyways here goes ...

JUNE 2008

AMEX : $341.59 (to be paid in full)
Costco AMEX : $0
Visa : $0
ING Savings : $100
BofA Checking : $2551.75
BofA Savings : $0.55 (recieve barely any interest so why save with them?)
Car Loan : $13731.68
Roth IRA : $150

NET WORTH : ($11270.97)

... egads. It could be worse I suppose. But it's really nice to see this on paper ... er ... on webpage? Haha.

My First Entry

July 2nd, 2008 at 12:02 pm

Blah. I figured I could waste some time on here today. I want to get this blog up and running. My name is Kayla and I just moved to a nice, one bedroom apartment in Kirkland, with my BF Basketball Boy. So far it has been a great change for me! It was about time to move out of my DF house.

I'm glad I saved a few thousand before hand for all the upfront and unexpected expenses needed to start a household. Basketball Boy is struggling though because he did not save anything beforehand. He asked me to do up a budget for him though, good progress! Today has been a NSD thus far. When I got to work my friend asked if I could drop him off at the bus stop and in return for driving he got me an elusive Starbucks cofee! I rarely ever drink the stuff anymore, used to be a daily junkie but I have cut my SBucks trips down to once a week on Sunday's. Basketball Boy and I have made it a ritual to grab a coffee and go hang out on the beautiful waterfront. Back to work now ... happy Wednesday!