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Questions and Concerns - Need Advice & Reassurance

February 28th, 2009 at 01:03 pm

Ugh, so many things on my mind. This will be quite a regurgitation of thoughts.

BF has very little work right now (he works as a contractor) so we are quite tight every month. He would get about $1400 unemployment every month while I make about $2400 every month. This easily covers our bills. We have 6K in savings. I am feeling very anxious and need some reassurance that we are doing okay.

In June we will have lived at our apartment complex for a year and have tentatively decided on moving in with my father for awhile. If both BF and I are working full time, we would be able to save about 1.5-2K every month. We will, of course, pay rent and utilities to my father but it will be very reduced because we will basically just have my room as living space.

My car loan is currently at 7K. I have managed to pay off 13K of it over the last year and a half. I love this car and plan on driving it into the ground. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the following ... By the time we move out to my dad's we will have roughly 9-10K in savings granted we don't have to pull from it between now and then. I was wondering if it makes sense to to pull out what will be the remainder of my car loan from savings (car loan will probably be around $4800 if I continue to pay the $650 p/mo. that I am paying now) because we will be in a much better position to pay our obligations once we move in with my dad. And my savings is at 1.85% while my car loan is at 4.99%. This will also free up $650 p/mo. which I could throw toward my Roth which is currently getting $150 p/mo.

Also, my company does not currently offer a 401K so can I get a 401K? Or are my only options for retirement individual stocks/Roth IRA/Traditional IRA? I'm more comfortable not managing individual stocks, I like mutual funds because they don't have to be monitored so closely.

And one more question ... I am looking in to Bachelor programs online through WSU (Washington State University). I currently have my AA. My BA will likely cost between 12K-15K. I am wondering if I should take out a student loan and just continue to sock away 1.5K+ p/mo. (considering I have paid off my car 1K if I haven't) towards a future home purchase, hopefully to be bought in the next couple of years. Or should I pay for school out of savings and have no student loans but no savings? Moving in with my dad should enable BF to pay off most of his car and minimal credit line so when we get married we should basically have no debt. Would it be acceptable then to take on that student loan since we will have no debt when deferment ends? IDK!!! Ahhh!!!

Took Bella to the vet today, $80. Finally paid her pet deposit for the apartment, $200. And she is getting spayed in a couple of weeks, another $140 estimated. I'm having so much anxiety over money because I try to consider that 6K as untouchable.

That feels much better. Let me know your thoughts!