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Cumulative 2010 Goals

January 7th, 2010 at 11:15 am

a few personal goals, financial goals, and to-dos for the new year.

*track work expenditures for tax purposes
*set up DF's roth
*put aside $1,000 to start a medical deductible fund
*set aside $2,362 for our honeymoon/misc.
*pay off DF's car (about 11K)
*pay off macy's 0% interest card that has our couch on it - about $1,600
*contribute $6,800 to roths
*put $7,500 into our efund for a balance of 20K
*put aside $1,000 for our wedding
*plan a weekly menu
*replace DF's windshield
*get new tires and a new clutch for DF
*start and maintain a quickbooks file

*place bella in a good home
*at least one date night per month with DF
*spend time with my mom, dad, and in laws at least one time per month each
*set a date and get married
*go on a honeymoon
*look into premarital counseling
*hang out w/my sister two times per month
*take wesson to the vet for a physical
*enroll wesson in dog obedience

*fence in the backyard
*start a small garden
*donate our massive donate pile
*possibly tile the master bath

*do something active w/DF one time per month
*take wesson on walks two times per week when he is old enough
*visit dentist every six months
*workout 4-5X per week with a combination of independent workouts and classes
*eat at least four salads per week
*get visibly toned

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