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Persistent Headache

November 4th, 2009 at 11:46 am

Oh my goodness life is stressful lately. Between buying a home, planning a wedding, and full-time work, I'm finding it hard to keep my head on straight!

DF and I are supposed to close on our house on 11/30 but we aren't holding our breath because financing is so backed up and the construction crews that are building our home can call non-workdays at any point in time. I'm hoping we are closed by mid-December so that we will have time to paint, move-in, build a fence, etc. because we will be in Palm Springs for the holidays.

But it sounds like the first time home buyers tax credit extension is almost inevitable which is AWESOME. We will likely use most of it to pay off DF's car loan and then the only debt we will have is DF's 2.5K LOC and our mortgage! Wait ... I might take that last statement back about being debt free ... I have a couple questions and would like some opinions - the only couch we have had is almost like a loveseat and it only comfortably fits one person. It was also located in DF's bachelor pad (shared with two other guys) before we moved in together. It smells, it looks terrible, and it isn't comfortable. So I would like to look at buying a sectional for our living room. I will use Craigslist, etc. if possible but I want to make sure that it is a quality piece of furniture. I also want to look at getting a tempur-pedic mattress. DF goes to sleep much later than I do and he always wakes me up. I'm a very light sleeper if I'm on a bad mattress. Add on that DF snores and it makes for a horrible night's sleep and I can't function at work. We bought a sleigh bed from DF's uncle for like $175 but the mattress seems like it is going to suck. It's springy and not supportive. I think I would consider a new mattress as an investment in my health and my job. I would prefer to get both the couch and mattress on one of those no interest for a year blah blah blah plans so that we can keep our money working for us as long as possible.

Time to put my nose back to the grindstone - happy November!

1 Responses to “Persistent Headache”

  1. lizajane Says:

    Wow! You've got lots going on. I think of a good mattress as a wise investment. Getting a good night's sleep is so important!

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