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June Net Worth

July 2nd, 2008 at 01:23 pm

This isn't going to be very pretty ... do I get to use my age as an excuse for not having a positive net worth? Hehe.

Anyways here goes ...

JUNE 2008

AMEX : $341.59 (to be paid in full)
Costco AMEX : $0
Visa : $0
ING Savings : $100
BofA Checking : $2551.75
BofA Savings : $0.55 (recieve barely any interest so why save with them?)
Car Loan : $13731.68
Roth IRA : $150

NET WORTH : ($11270.97)

... egads. It could be worse I suppose. But it's really nice to see this on paper ... er ... on webpage? Haha.

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